Masseter for Jaw Slimming / Teeth Grinding


Although Anti Wrinkle Injections are classically used for anti-aging purposes, there is another great application in treated people with excessively strong bite muscles. These individuals often have a strong or square appearance to their jaw and may grind their teeth (especially at night). Previously, teeth grinders have had to resort to the use of splints while sleeping and developed significant squaring of the jaw that masculinised the face. By injecting the bite muscle with anti-wrinkle treatment, the muscle is weakened. The result of the muscle-weakening is that teeth grinding can be prevented. The other cosmetic application in injecting the bite muscle is that the jawline can be slimmed, giving a soft and elegant contour to the lower face.

This treatment is currently not been offered untill the CQC application if completed but it will be a treatment coming soon.

  • 1 x Treatment
    1 hr
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