Please remember when booked in for a review appointment, it should be completed within time scale advised by your Nurse.

If you cancel your covid test for day 2 & 8, you need to provide the evidence of the new booking for us to notify the change to the goverment.

If you cancel this at short notice e.g on the day, then your treatment may not be as effective and we will not be accountable for that.

All aesthetic patients are offered a review at two weeks for any small adjustments and over the last few weeks; there have been numerous same day cancellations.

Due to this, Our booking system has a cacellation term in which clients sign up to when they book an appointment.

Please remember your nurses have families of their own and time taken waiting for clients who cancel at short notice, is precious time taken away from them.

We also have other part time/full time jobs within the NHS so our working days in clinic are scheduled carefully to fit around that.