About Us

Short Story About Rosalyn's Medical Clinic

Rosalyn’s medical clinic is a based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We provide quality treatments in Non surgical cosmetics, Fat Dissolving and Advanced Skin Rejuvenation. We strive to provide the best treatment and support to our clients in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Our trainers have extensive experience from Medical backgrounds so have a wide range of collective knowledge and have been running their medical clinic while still working for the NHS. Generous appointment slots are a necessity, so as to not rush the process, allowing time to fully discuss with the practitioner the treatment options available and the client received fully informed consent and support throughout the whole process but including aftercare some time after.

Continuous training is a must within our clinic and our medical practitioners are continuously attending advanced training courses to further their skills and knowledge. We believe Aesthetic treatments are to enhance ones beauty and give a person that confidence boost they deserve and by know the most up to date treatments and techniques allow to offer this to our clients.

Our Mission

To support our clients to achieve the look they desire. By not only conducting the treatment, but by ensuring they understand the reasons for the treatment and how in works in achieving their look.

Our Clients

We always pride in putting our clients first. We always make sure are clients are happy and supported with all aspects of the treatments they receive and have a good aftercare process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure safe and ethical practice of treatments, though education, provision of information, professional development and the maintenance of the highest professional standards.

Our Planning

We always plan with our clients, This may not just be about their treatments, But also about the plans for the future of our business as without our clients. We wouldn’t have a business so their opinions matter.

Our Clients & Vision

Better Information, Better Results

The core value of our visions is our clients and our safe, a few areas we would like to make you aware of.

  • Professional Staff Highly medical trained staff that are professional and friendly at all times.
  • Sufficient Lab Test All our tests are carried out on a UKAS accredited lab.
  • Client Feedback We always value clients comments and improvements. No matter if they are negative or postive, every comment is a reflection to learn and become the better us.
  • Infection Control Our clinic adherence to a strict infection control policy and ensure that all surfaces are cleaned before and after patients. Staff ensure they adhere to good hand hygiene and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).